A 200 Gram Rump Steak grilled to perfection served here with a delicious creamy mushroom sauce.
Ruby is one of the locals in the garden!
How about a freshly made Cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate! Enjoy in our garden or as a take away.
A gorgeous salad awaits those who are looking for a light lunch!
A lovely outside or inside area to enjoy lunch in Hoedspruit whether it is for business, a small get together or a quick lunch on the go!
The 2 Macaws in the garden is a treat for visitors to Hoedspruit or locals alike.
We are known for our delicious pizzas, build one yourself or order from the menu.
Linzie’s Best is named after the lovely lady who insisted on our famous Cream Spinach, Feta and Olives!
A spicy Chicken Pizza for those who like things a little hotter!  As we make all ingredients fresh you can choose how hot you want it!
At Lizard Rock Café, Hoedspruit we serve delicious Light meals, Pizzas, homemade Hamburgers, freshly made coffees and more!